Type codes into the “CHEAT” box located on the character select screen

1) Leve Code- LEVEL1

2) Leve Code- LEVEL2

3) Leve Code- LEVEL3

4) Leve Code- LEVEL4

5) Leve Code- LEVEL5

6) Leve Code- LEVEL6

7) Leve Code- LEVEL7

8) Leve Code- LEVEL8

9) Leve Code- LEVEL9

1) Bonus Code- BONUS1

2) Bonus Code- BONUS2

3) Bonus Code- BONUS3

4) Bonus Code- BONUS4

Typing "FASTFIRE" will help to shoot faster, "POINTER" will add a laser pointer,"NOHIT" will help to be invincible, and "MOREAMMO" will give you an unlimited ammo.

GunBlood 2 Cheats